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Work address:

Department of Physics
Technical University of Denmark
Building 307
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby
Email: schiotz (at) fysik.dtu.dk
Phone: +45 45 25 32 28
Fax: +45 45 93 23 99

Home address:

Sverigesvej 20B
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby

Brief C. V.:

My main research interest has been atomic-scale modeling of fundamental processes in materials - in particular in connection with the mechanical properties of metals. I am currently working on the reactivity, and shape of metallic nanoclusters in the framework of the newly established (August 2005) Center for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality, funded by the Danish National Research Foundation. My main tool is large-scale molecular dynamics on parallel computers. See also my research page.


I have been married to Svava Ósk Jónsdóttir since 1993.

I have a daughter, Elin Ósk Schiøtz, born 24. january 2006.

My personal interests include walking, gardening, reading books (in particular I enjoy science fiction), and playing go (I play at Copenhagen Go Club).

My web pages:

Science and teaching

Computers and the web

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